We present several solutions and services tailored to your transportation needs, according to the urgency, destination and type of goods to send.


This service is geared for the urgent transport of documents or goods door to door worldwide.

In this service, transit times are estimated, with deliveries in major cities in Europe the next day in major cities and the rest of the world in 48 hours. Some of the destination postal codes have the money back guarantee, if the estimated transit time is not met by direct responsibility.

In the case of very urgent deliveries, you can select the service option FIRST TIME, in that their shipments will be delivered up to 9:00 or select NOON, shipments being delivered by 12.00.

In Europe for some postcodes service is available for deliveries on Saturday.

Cargo Express "Euro-Cargo"

This service is aimed to transport urgent orders with more than 100 kg for the major airports in Europe, at a price cheaper than the express normal but offering good fast deliveries.

It also lets you opt for door to door, door to airport or vice versa, offering the possibility to choose the option that best meets the needs of each client, helping to reduce transport costs.


This service is geared for fast shipping of orders door to door, including pallets, throughout Europe, where the economic factor is more important than the time factor. All other features and options are identical to the Express service, except in the money-back guarantee deliveries in the first hours and Saturday.


Is devoted to the transport of large orders, usually palletized, with daily departures throughout the world.

This service may be done by air, land or sea, it is possible to send groupage or full container. Transit times vary depending on the cargo and country of destination.

Domestic Service

Domestic service is geared to transport urgent documents, samples or orders door to door, with expected delivery by the end of the morning of the next business day in major cities or the end of the day for the rest of the country.

For the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and the Azores, transit times are one to two business days to major destinations.

In the case of very urgent deliveries, you can opt for the service FIRST TIME, in that their shipments will be delivered up to 9:00 or select NOON, shipments being delivered by 12.00.

Also available the following additional services: shipping charge against the delivery of goods, deliveries on Saturdays and additional insurance coverage.

In the Greater Lisbon area can choose the Urgent Courier Service if you need to make collections and deliveries on the same day, performed by dedicated courier depending on their urgency.

Special Services
(Service 24 hours a day)

Special services are geared to the special transportation of all types of goods, which usually cannot find solutions with traditional carriers, or who need very urgent and complicated deliveries.

We can mention as examples, fast delivery to European countries carried out with direct or delivery vans with set hours and days. In Portugal we can do same day deliveries throughout the country.

The transport of dangerous goods is also available for some destinations.

Automatic Tracking

All packages SOLVE consulting have Automatic follow-up to ensure greater security and control in transport.

In the event of any impact, we can in a pro-active to resolve any situation quickly, alerting and informing all previously involved in the process.

With this service we avoid unnecessary loss of time on reactive problem resolution.

Prove of Delivery

Whenever you make international shipments will be sent automatically by email the information with details of delivery (POD).

In domestic service by selecting the options with guaranteed hours of delivery, this information will also be sent automatically.

If you make a post, they urgently require proof of delivery, may request this information via an SMS message to your phone. Some of the services SOLVE is possible to apply the digital signature proof of delivery.

Easy Boxes

The EASY BOXES were created to meet their needs, so you can make your shipments in a practical and safe, we offer various types of micro-corrugated cardboard packaging recyclable.

Our boxes are destined for the transport of bottles containing liquid, can carry wine, water or oil, with a cast of packaging suitable inner strength and security to offer.